Revolutionizing Voicemail

PhoneTag Benefits:

Increase Productivity

Quickly read your voicemails from anywhere on any device.

Stay connected to your friends, co-workers, or your customers when it counts.


The days of needing to remember PINs and listening to audio prompts and unwanted voicemails to find the one you want are now gone.


We can connect all devices to single account so all voicemails are managed in the same manner.We deliver your transcribed voicemails to you via email or SMS.


Voicemail messages are converted to text and sent to your email or to you by SMS.Reading your voicemails are now as easy as reading your email or text messages.


We all have active lives and we miss calls from time to time.Why waste time having to dial into your voicemail account when you can have your voicemails seamlessly converted to text.Now, when you’re not able to take the call you can easily read the voicemail within seconds.

PhoneTag is easily configured to your mobile or landline phones.

Small Business

Your customers and business associates are important.Always be one step ahead.With PhoneTag, these important voicemail messages will be converted to text so they can be quickly scanned to determine their urgency, increasing productivity and eliminating the need to take notes with pen and paper.Stay informed and in the loop even when you don't have time to listen to voicemails.

PhoneTag quickly and easily integrate into a business Voicemail PBX or directly to your mobile phones using call forwarding capabilities.


We have developed a simple API that brings Speech to Text technology into your application and we have already integrated with hundreds of companies like yours.

• Carrier grade solutions
• Integrate with our simple RESTful API or Email
• Fully Automated or Human Assisted transcription services are available
• Supports multiple Languages

How PhoneTag Works - Revolutionizing Voicemail:

Step 1

PhoneTag’s speech recognition technology accurately converts a voicemail to text and delivers the message to you via email or SMS. The process is simple.

Step 2

After signing up you will be provided an activation code. Once the activation code is enabled on your mobile or land line PhoneTag becomes your virtual voicemail box where those messages will be recorded, converted to text then sent to your email with a copy of the audio file for reference or by SMS.

Step 3

It’s that simple and it takes no more than a few minutes to get the service working.